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A phoenix arises from the ashes

The old Country Living forum was deleted by it's admin along with all the posts and threads so we have created a new, thriving, vibrant and friendly community at.

]Japan Simple Life

Please come and join us, many of the old members from CLJ are there and we look forward to meeting new friends.

It has been brought to our attention that the original admin is claiming this forum was hacked which we'd like to state is categorically untrue. If that had been the case Runboard would have taken this forum down and replaced it with the original from backups and restored the original admin, the simple fact that the board in it's current state has existed for over a year now illustrates this point.

We merely created this to help people find a new place for folk interested in countryside living in Japan after the previous admin deleted CLJ along with all the posts and knowledge. We don't propose to get involved in a "he said/she said" type war of words with the previous admin as it is our firm belief that holding on to bitterness and negativity stunts one's own personal development. As they say


Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering


Have a great day, enjoy whatever you are doing and hope to see you on ]Japan Simple Life

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